Shadowfang Keep – REGULAR

Yup… apparently low level randoms make my ugly pug tales blog now. ¬†Anywho, hubby and I were randoming with a friend who just rolled a toon – and decided to be a healer, to be useful as he put it ūüėõ ¬†Hubby had a random pally about that level and I had a lock. ¬†We got a group with someone who very quickly dc’d and another jerk who was needing on things we needed simply because we weren’t moving fast enough to suit him.

After removing those two from group, we got the fabulous Prisonlove of Laughing Skull.  He felt the need to sit there and berate the three of us Рhubby for letting him tank the massive pulls he started making, our friend for refusing to heal him for it and me for rolling a lock.  Then he told us we should all commit suicide.  Reported and reported.  He also needed as a hunter on the spirit staff to keep our healer friend from getting it.  Sad.

Oh noes, someone on the internet insulted me… ¬†Remember folks – it’s words on a screen. ¬†I know words can hurt – but try and view it that way and it will make life easier.


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Deadmines – Regular [As in the Level 15-20 dungeon]

I queued up on my new Azuremyst shaman the other day and ended up in Deadmines of all places… not that I mind at all! ¬†I love the quest line in there [the xp is SICK when rested] and such. ¬†I had a warrior or pally tank, can’t remember which, two hunters, myself on the shaman [enhancement] and a priest who was supposed to be healing.

First pack we down handily. ¬†I hopped in the cannon as is typically expected of melee and we destroyed it. ¬†Tank had no health afterwards and had to heal himself… so eh he must have been a pally. ¬†Anywho, second group, tank dies. ¬†And third and fourth. ¬†We look at the priest – he’s shadow and only dpsing. ¬†The priest then pulls the boss and refuses to heal the tank again… who dies twice that pull

Now I have no doubt that a shadow spec priest CAN heal Deadmines… heck, I’ve seen them do it and do it well. ¬†But this idiot, whose name ended in hahaha of all things… go figure… refused to heal or even respond to us. ¬†When the tank “dc’d” after his umpteenth death, I could hardly blame him. ¬†And Mr. hahaha proceeded to try and requeue as heals/dps. ¬†I decline the queue. ¬†As a tank myself on my main, I’m not going to put another tank through dealing with this mess. ¬†And the group I’m with kicks the dc’d tank rather than the “healer”.

Eh, maybe it was the “healer” that did that…


We now can’t kick the healer. ¬†One of the hunters drops and the other tries to convince the priest to requeue as dps. ¬†The priest keeps queuing as heals/dps and refuses to respond. ¬†Naturally I refuse to requeue. ¬†Finally the other hunter drops and a few minutes later the priest finally does. ¬†I filed a ticket and even already have a response and they’re going to investigate the report. ¬†Shrug. ¬†Some people.


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Heroic Grim Batol – Just Wow….

I queued up on my Tauren pally, figured I might want to at least heroic on her once in a blue moon… eh. ¬†Anywho, I zone into an In progress Grim Batol… well… as in they’d wiped on the second or third pull in… ¬†Immediately on zone in I get told that all leather belongs to one of the group members and that the chaos orb belongs to another and that I’m to heal, keep my mouth shut, loot everything and not roll on the orb.

And they’re already cussing me out and calling me names.


I responded that such terms were unacceptable and that they should feel free to kick me. ¬†It’s their right to do so. ¬†The ensuing cussing was a bit much… and prompted a ticket.

“No, we’ll just wait for you to leave [bleep bleep bleep bleeeeeep].”

That kind of attitude really rubs me wrong, so I just sat my butt down and refused to move.  More cussing ensued and they finally did kick me from the group.

Seriously, Jaella-Maelstrom; Zilz-Maelstrom, Zulz-Maelstrom and Backpack-Durotan, y so srs?

The really sad part is that I’m neither a skinner nor a chaos orb user ūüėõ ¬†If you hadn’t been such a butt, it would have been all good.


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I zone in after a thirty minute wait to see our “tank” – Cruisectrl of Ner’zul. ¬†If you look him up on the armory, you’ll see he’s a holy/ret. ¬†He was apparently giving the hunter Tamemykitty a fast queue.

“Not this place!” he comments and drops taking Tamemykitty with him.

The healer drops and subsequently the other dps.

We’ll see how the new group I just got does.

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Blackrock Caverns – Regular

Last night we put a guild group together [minus a tank] for a regular BRC.  I was healing on my level 81 disc priest.  We had two mages [80 and 85] and a dk [83] as well.  We waited a good fifteen minutes on a tank and finally get the queue and zone in.

Standing before us is a ret pally who immediately says “DK can you tank?”

Our dk has never tanked and has sworn never to do so.  So they say no.

After this exchange, the pally just charges ahead and pulls the first two mobs. ¬†Yeah, ret spec and gear won’t cut it. ¬†So I said “Dude, where’s your tank gear?”

“Accidently left it in the bank.”

“Go get it. I’m not healing you as is.”

Believing me joking apparently, he runs on ahead and pulls a couple packs and the boss. ¬†We’re still standing near the entrance. ¬†He proceeds to spend the fight insisting that he has a tank set and that he forgot it in the bank. ¬†We keep telling him to go get it, that we’ll wait, but we’re not proceeding as is.

He finally dies.  I give him the benefit of the doubt and rez him to go get his tank gear.  He finally goes, gets it and zones back in, in mostly healing gear.


He then tells us “Okay, shut up now” which was the last straw for me.

ID-10-T error. ¬† ¬†And he’s gone!

We got a warrior tank in short order who knew the pulls, the instance, and how to tank.  He even won a few tanking items.


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Blackrock Caverns – Regular

After a very unsuccessful attempt to heal a heroic on my holy pally [Stonecore, first boss, people can’t dance. ¬†Need I say more?], I decided to attempt to tank on the pally once again. ¬†I still had a cooldown for queuing for a random, but I figured Regular Blackrock Caverns would do just fine as a place to test out my pally tanking once again.

I zone in, buff up and find the rogue has already pulled the first group and the healer drops group.  Eh, I pull the mobs off the rogue, hoping it was an accident and requeue.  We get another healer and off we go.  The rogue proceeds to pull for me etc and I finally ask him to please let me make the pulls.

“Shut the f*** up” I’m told in reply.

“Um, no.” I respond, and attempt to kick him only to be told I can’t kick him for seven minutes. ¬†And suddenly find myself back in Stormwind.

That’s dumb. ¬†But eh that’s fine. ¬†If the group was going to tolerate that kind of behavior, I’m just as glad to be out. ¬†Personally on my 80-81s I’ve always loved getting a level 85 tank – I get my quests done handily and have one less person to compete with for any gear drops. ¬†The next two groups were just as happy to have me relearning to pallytank on my 85 in their runs.

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Lost City of Tolvir – Regular

I zone in on my dps shaman with two guildies [one healing, one ret]. ¬†We get a mage and a dk tank. ¬†The dk tank proves to be extremely squishy the first few trash pulls [we’re on vent chatting about it] and upon inspection we discover that he’s in full dps gear. ¬†It’s no wonder he’s pulling massive packs and dying or near dying. ¬†My guildie healer asks the guy where his tank gear is and tells him he’s taking way too much damage to fight through this whole instance.

“Well, no one’s complained in five instances, so it must be you.”

The mage chimes in with a “It’s a normal, we could be naked and do fine, just heal through it.”

We continue, dying off and on due to the tank being a squishy idiot.  Finally my guildie refuses to heal him anymore.  He gets kicked.  And the mage kicks the other guildie.

“I’m not requeuing” I say, sitting down.

“That’s fine, we’ll kick you too.”

“Please do.”

Moments later, I initiate a vote kick on the “tank” [the group leader] and put for the reason “DUMBASS SHAMAN”. ¬†Naturally, the mage doesn’t bother to read who the kick is actually for and the tank is GONE. ¬†I reinvite my guildies, the dps one respecs and queues as a tank and we pick up one more pug dps and continue without a single problem.

The mage says nothing the entire rest of the run.

Guess what, you need tank gear to tank Рeven in normals.  I just wish my guildies had taken my advice and since the mage felt we could run it naked, all stripped our toons down.


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